Types of Toilets

Types of Toilets

One of the many ways that Plombier Montreal​ ​helps more area residents is by helping them choose the best replacement toilet for their bathrooms. Many people never even think about toilet purchases, as most commodes can last for decades with the proper care and maintenance. In fact, more often than not, when a problem arises with toilets it usually has little to do with the actual unit itself, but rather, the plumbing or fittings becoming corroded over time.

However, when it is time to choose a new toilet, how do you know you are getting the best one? There are many options available, and many homeowners buy based on the price alone. When you need a new toilet for your home, we can gladly help you choose the right one, as well as install it the right way.

Reduce Water Use

There are a surprising amount of toilet makes and models, and the decision can quickly become a confusing one. However, the best place to start is knowing what your exact needs are. In today’s modern bathrooms, many homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their water usage. Because of this, it is becoming increasingly popular to find men’s urinals in at least one bathroom in the home. Because of the reduced water need to flush, this is a great choice for any bathroom remodel project.

Tankless Toilets

If you need a more traditional toilet option, the latest new style involves toilets that do not use a tank. These tankless units use fewer than four liters per flush, and their reduced size makes them an ideal candidate for a smaller half bathroom. Unfortunately, they do run a little on the pricey side, but if you are looking for ways to reduce your monthly utilities, it can be an effective way to earn the initial cost back in just a few months.

Round Bowl Toilets

Round Bowl models of the traditional toilet build is an excellent way to take up less space. Moreover, considering that the bathroom is the one room of the house that seems to become the most cramped, this is great news to anyone with less square footage than they would prefer. Traditionally, toilets come in an “elongated” bowl style, with has a larger diameter.

Rounded bowls, on the other hand, have scaled back the seat size, allowing for more walking space within the bathroom. You can even find this style with larger trap ways, which increases the flow of water and helps to reduce clogs later on. Round bowl toilets are also among the more affordable units, making them a popular choice for many.

Pressure Flow Tank

There are many homeowners, especially those with bathrooms on the second story of their home, who seem to suffer from clogs almost daily. One of the quickest ways to correct this problem is to replace the unit with a tank that utilizes a pressure flow assistance pump or a pressure assisted tank. These are the toilets that are commonly found in retail spaces, and the ones that are easily identifiable by their louder and faster flush.

How these units work is by using a secondary pump installed within the tank, the toilet can flush more efficiently. This way, clogs are far less frequent, and you are using less water by flushing less often. These are a little more expensive over traditional units, but having fewer clogs is worth it in the end.

Wall-Hung Toilets

Wall-hung toilets are an increasingly popular choice as it gives a bathroom a more “resort” or “hotel” style, as well as decreasing the amount of space needed. This toilet is suspended just off of the ground and, as the name suggests, is mounted directly on the wall.

It is recommended that this installation not be chosen unless you are building a brand new bathroom or looking to overhaul your current room; this would require redoing the flooring where the previous wax ring and plumbing work was, as well as correcting the wall where the new unit is installed. Still, the simple design and ease of cleaning makes this ideal for any new home build or bathroom renovation project.

There are many more types of toilets available. By balancing cost and focusing on your daily needs, you can find the best choice.